Hi, I am Disha. I am based out of Bangalore and Delhi in India. I have been trained as an architect and kathak dancer. In my leisure time I like to sketch, read, travel, do some photography, try various cuisines, indulge in some soulful music and do some soul brooding. This blog is a memorabilia of my journey as a travel artist.

Well , on a lighter note, this is my artistic imagination of self.


And my artistic belief about life is that ” It is quintessentially funny “, one needs to have “the funny bone” active to enjoy it. But seems like mine has been partially tampered, on my way to be an idealist. So, essentially I am a Happy Idealist . And below is a non-fudged digital encryption of what I look like.

happy me

In nutshell, I am a traveller with a sketch pad. And I return from journeys with sand in feet, food in blood & loads of memories in my head… and splatters of nostalgic ink on paper.

Happy glancing through the sketch blog! If you like my work, simply comment on the post and if need be I shall connect with you. Thanks!