Days in East Coast

My graduate student life has been keeping me busy enough for the last year to not have had updated my blog. These sketches are almost a year old and I drew them in Summer of 2017 while I was interning in Washington D.C. I had time to step out to Philadelphia and New York and spend my weekend rambling in the streets and the urban core of these cities.

This post had it been done a year back would have had a lot of candid pictures, well written description and strokes of pen and paint. Time is an interesting resource and a constraint. As more of it passes, our memory fades and reminscences gets prioritized in our head. Some people like to store and capture all of the memories and live on it and the others let the time sort and prioritize it out. I probably fall in the second category.

I remember a lot of my East cost days. So much so that most of it qualifies as noise, something that is not as important as I want it to be.  And whenever I find myself to be struck in a situation like this, I withdraw my words and let my strokes talk. So here it is …. Enjoy  :)


2017-08-11 10-44-17-page-0012017-08-11 14-30-page-0012017-08-11 14-30-page-0032017-08-11 14-30-page-0042017-08-11 14-30-page-0052017-08-11 14-30-page-0062017-08-11 14-30-page-00720771863_10154564785111805_338779160_oScan Aug 2, 2017, 7.08 PM-page-001

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