The mystical Mandu – Part II of Incredible heart of India

This trip was in continuation to the Bhopal one, which was done in March of 2015 during the Holi. Yes, your time calculation is right, I am rolling this blog approximately after a year. Well on justification front I guess you term it – ‘A Planned Creative Block’. I just decided to take some time off and concentrate my creative energy on other aspects of … Continue reading The mystical Mandu – Part II of Incredible heart of India

Days in Ahmedabad

This travel art post/ travelogue is an architect’s adventure in the city of Ahmedabad.  Chandigarh and Ahmedabad are the much revered seats of modern Indian architecture. Where Chandigarh is all rendered in the vision of legendary modernist Le Corbusier, Ahmedabad provides a balanced palette of the nostalgic old and utopian modernist. The more I traveled, more i romanticized the city. I think I am fairly an … Continue reading Days in Ahmedabad

Trichy – Madurai – Tanjore.. go gopurams

This was a weekend trip to explore the temple towns (Gopurams) of Tamil Nadu. I did this trip with a friend Anubhav, he is a leisure photographer and an engineer. We both like to document architecture and cityscapes, the only difference is the medium. He does it through photography. And I pursue that through the skill of hand-sketching. So we decided to churn our creative juices this trip trying to understand, document and … Continue reading Trichy – Madurai – Tanjore.. go gopurams